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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is it wise to play Chicken Foot with a double 18 set of dominoes?

Is it wise to play Chicken foot with a double 18 set of dominoes? This domino player thinks starting that game may not have been wise. Or was it the wisest thing ever?

Not wise if you want to play an endless game of dominoes that will be the social event of your life.

Not wise if you do not enjoy long hours with your family and friends.

Not wise unless one hand of Chicken foot taking about an hour to play sounds like a dream come true.

Not wise unless you can handle the winning of anywhere between 1 and three hundred points in one round in what will be a totally random event.

Not wise if your table is only a standard home sized variety and your family cannot come to terms on the rules for stacking and you are running out of table and then chair and then floor space.

Well, maybe the game took 18 hours to play and the points were well into the thousands. However we finally came to terms on stacking and consumed no more than 1 bag of chips per round overall. So the conclusion is that it was indeed wise to play chicken foot with a double 18 set.

Would we do it again? Doubt it. After all there are so many other games to take to the extreme - anyone up for an 18 train?

- Jo Brennan

Next blog entry: our stacking rules. After all it took three rounds to come up with a set of rules we could all live with.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Domino Champion of the Family

Last evening was a great domino night for me, we played for the bragging rights of "Domino Champion of the Family".

Got to play my favorite game Double 6 Chicken foot or as we like to call it Chickie Sixes . We also got to use my all time favorite set - the Bee brand multilayer acrylic dominoes. I wasn't sure if I liked them at first since they were a bit small at first glance, just a bit smaller than a standard sized set length and width. However what they loose in size they make up for in thickness and they stand on their own without a rack beautifully and the quality is the best I've seen in a set of bones. The spinners are so nicely balanced they practically sit straight on them. Trust me, I've seen hundreds of sets so when I say this I mean it.

So, armed with my favorite set and my favorite game it was just getting down to business. Started with really poor draws, was down over 10 by the 4th round with a 31 and holding only a 2-0; things were looking good till the Chickie-4 was played. I proceeded to draw the 6-6, 5-5, and 6-5 in that order and lost the round adding a whopping 35 to my score. All hope seemed lost at that moment. Started the come back and rounds 5 and 6 brought me back to a tie. I knew my only hope of ensuring a win was drawing the double 0 in my initial draw and there it was on the very last bone! I won the round, I now have the bragging rights.

So next time you are playing, remember that there are some things more valuable than money you can bet the game on. Loosing the bragging rights in the family after building a domino business for the last few years would have been a disaster.

Go play dominoes! Have Fun! Win your family bragging rights!
- Jo Brennan

Just a footnote;
I can special order my favorite set for you (warning it's a $70 set without engraving) and post rules of my favorite game Chickie Sixes if there is interest just email me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of personalized dominoes. You may guess that I receive plenty of domino questions and because of that I decided that it was time to start sharing some of the questions and answers for everyone to see. Where I am not new to the domino world, I am new to this medium as of this post in January of 2010 so I appreciate your understanding while I learn this medium and any goofs are entirely my own.

Have domino questions for this site or ideas for domino topics please email me at sales@EngravedDominoes.com. I want to know what you want to see here and only you can tell me.

Thank you - Jo